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Crazy Observations


This is my first time on canteen connect (used to be active on the previous version) and I started scrolling through the 'People Like Me' section and was blown away.

I had one filter. One. My parent has died from cancer.

One filter and pages and pages worth of people appeared before my eyes. It's crazy to think that there are all these people out there who are going through the same thing as me, yet in the past two years dealing with what I have been, only one person I know lost their parent as early as I had been.

Maybe it's not a crazy observation to any of you, but it really is to me.

How can there be so much stigma and awkwardness around losing your parents when you are young, when it happens to probably thousands of people each year?

Do any of you have some whacky observations the big C(ancer) has brought into your life?