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First time taking


Okay this is my first time using this So I don’t really know how this works . I have not opened up to anyone about this my friends know but they don’t really ask me and sometimes I wonder if they even care. My mum has terminal cancer pancreatic, lymphoma and gall bladder. She has gone through 4 rounds already of intense chemo and still has 3 to go . I just learnt today that she has terminal cancer. I honestly don’t know how to act and I am having such a hard coping because when I try and talk to my friends they don’t know how to reply to me so they say sorry hug me and then go. Trying to talk to my dad about it is so hard because he ends up crying and it’s so hard seeing my dad crying , my sister is 4 years younger then me so I am not really allowed to talk to her about it all because it would be to hard for her. I can deal with my school work my teachers know so assement is optional but at the same time I feel almost still pressured to by myself because I hate failing and I feel like it’s unfair to my friends even though of my situation . I know to only think of the now and everything but,y mind always wonders to the future and what a famil6 of three will be like it’s so hard. I don’t know how to talk to my friends about it so if anyone wants to talk about this it would be really good . Thankyou .( sorry if there is spelling mistakes in this not the best at English )