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Forever wearing my L plate


The title of the blog is actually quite ironic since I actually don't even have my learners permit yet (quite depressing actually)

I have been thinking about composing this blog pose for a while now actually but have just been holding it back cause ... Well I still want to learn more and build more on this theory I guess.

For me, in life, I believe that we are all foever wearing our L plate until the day we died. This theory kinda of started when I went on a Leadership Training program for CanTeen and we were asked to compose a collage out of pictures from magazines that we think are important to us and would be important in our role as leaders. I remember just sitting there and staring at a magazine advert with the L plate on it which got me thinking about this idea of how we are all wearing our learners plate.

There's always so many opportunities in life; opportunities to grow. Opportunities to make new connections. Opportunities to build on those new connections. Opportunities to make mistakes, to triumph and most importantly the opportunity to learn.

We learn new things everyday. New ways of living. New informations. New developments in the world. And most importantly ... We keep learning new things about ourselves.

Through out the dawn of human kind we have to grow and adapt in order to survive. To learn new skills and new strategies to face the many obstacles that present itself to us within our lives.

We will never stop learning. I'm foever wearing my learners plate. Until I die. The opportunity to grow and learn present itself to us daily ... It's up to us wether we are willing to accept that lesson or not.