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Hello from the other side


Hello everyone!

I have returned from my five month long hiatus (I suck I know).

2016 has been SUCH a year for me oh my gosh! I finished and technically graduated uni in June (didn't attend the ceremony though) so that's why I was M.I.A around that time, then I flew away to Europe in July until mid October. I went over to fulfill my lifelong dream of travelling Europe! I saw SO many beautiful places (favourites being Swiss Alps, Prague, Spain and Greece. I did it all on my own as well! Completely solo! I learnt SO much about myself and the world around us it's just unbelievable. I've come back a completely different person!

As soon as I returned I started my new full time job in an accounting firm close to home. I'm currently just doing admin but am slowly making my way into the accounting stuff and will be doing tax returns etc. in the new year! The people I work for are just so amazing and friendly. I was invited to the Christmas party, they paid for our cars to get washed while we were working. They're just seriously nice people both inside and outside the workplace! The people I work with as well are incredible! I get along with everyone, they're all so funny and friendly!

After working in hospitality for so long I never thought I'd find a workplace so supportive! I can trust the people I work with finally and am not living in fear every day of my life!

Anyway all of these things are not to rub in your face (sorry everyone) or to just update you on my awesome life this year.. they're to somewhat announce that I finally feel like I'm on the other side of my cancer journey.

Even before cancer my life was pretty crap! Every single year there were things that would go wrong. Losing jobs, bullies at work, illnesses, stuff at home.. then the cancer. I honestly never thought I would catch a break or even be truly happy with my life. Having cancer made everything so much harder as well and I feel like I was always taking two steps back every time I thought I was moving forward. For so long I've not felt myself, I've not been happy, even when I thought I was.

I always thought I was growing and that I'd grown so much and accepted exactly who I was going to be. Travelling overseas completely changed that for me.. like I said, I'm such a different person now. I never thought I'd know what it's like to live without stress in my life, without constant worry and fear. I was an over controlling stress freak and I was making myself sick and unhappy. The worst part was I thought I was actually making myself happy, if I just had everything in control then I'd be happy. 

Anyway I've realised that this year nothing bad has happened to me, only amazingly great things. I have no idea if maybe my perspective changed and once I stopped inviting misery into my life everything turned around, or maybe my entire life was just one huge challenge in order to put me where I am now and give me these incredible gifts to enjoy. But I came home from Europe and started my job and realised I didn't need support anymore. I spoke with the staffies in my division office and told them that I'm still interested in pursuing leadership and giving support but I don't want to take places from those in need anymore as I'm not longer in need. 

I feel like my life is heading in the completely correct direction and I'm 100% along for the ride. I've left the beasts of my past behind and am only looking forward :) 

Ps. I want to continue leadership so that I can show others in need that there is a rainbow after the storm and I'm here to help you get there :)