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How I Got Through Cancer


My story is here:

I was diagnosed at 17... told I had a 10, maybe 20% chance of living and when I relapsed... told I had less than that, if any.

But I'm still here =]

When I was told, I was devastated... angry... frustrated too but mainly, devastated. As everyone is. But after a while of those constant, horrible feelings, I took a step back from what had happened to me and looked at all of my circumstances as if it had hapepned to someone else. From that objective position, I could question what I was doing and how I was reacting. So I asked myself why? whenever I came across something that made me scared or worried. Why was I worrying so much? I mean what was it all accomplishing? Nothing, other than making me feel worse about myself. Why couldn't I stop that worry? Cause it was too scary? But I mean, all thsoe feelings, they were coming frmo my mind. Noone came into my head and FORCED me to feel anything, right? So why couldn't I just instead do what was best for me? Just be as happy and healthy as posibble, and jack up my odds that tiny bit and just be happy instead of crappy all the time.

Why was I scared of the chemo? I mean... yeah it brought pain and misery... but wasn't it also a medicine? The thing that could get me better? Why was I thinking my having it young was a curse? I mean having it young meant I could get maximum treatment for it and recover, and that my odds weren't the same as the 70 year olds who normally have my disease, who the stats were made from.

So yeah... whenever scary things came up, during treatment and after it, to today, I always took that step back and just questioned what I was doing it. And I reckon that's why I got through this all the man that I am today.

Any one of you can do that for any problem or bad times you're going through. It doesn't require willpower or bravery... all it takes are a few simple steps. Things you do everyday. And if you do them, you'll get your mind on your side in this battle. And that's EVERYTHING