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How many times can you say... ANXIETY?


MY GOODNESS! It has been a while my friends,

I'm posting this now because it has been a topic that has come up in my life so so so much this year, and I thought: Why hesitate? There is going to be someone else out there feeling the EXACT same way as me, so make a bloody post Gab!

This year has been the year of a lot of change for me. I moved from my home town to Sydney (so 5 hours away). That means I left my mum and dad, and all my best friends behind - and I struggle really hard without my support system being really close to me. I started my first year of Uni. I started a new job. And everything was practically new - which terrified me.

But a new thing that I also found out about myself this year after going to the doctors, was that I have anxiety. You see, I always thought I just got nervous or freaked out a little too much in situations, but no it has always been anxiety. And I thought to get this checked out because it got to the point this year with roommate troubles and uni troubles where I started to feel so vulnerable, so alone, and so helpless. I felt bad for my mum because it got to the stage where I would ring her up to 5 times a day in tears.

But my point of telling you all this, was because I want you guys to know that its completely normal to feel this way and completely normal to want to seek help for it. Now that I have a bit of knowledge on what's going on, I feel much more comfortable to talk to professionals who know how to help me. I feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I feel much more comfortable knowing that I am not alone in feeling this way, and there are ways to make me feel better.

I want you all to know that if you feel this way, and you're feeling a little lonely because of it - you aren't alone. This platform is here to help you, there are people who do understand and there are professionals who are pretty darn cool to talk to (*hint hint, CanTeen counsellors*).

Know, that my love for you all is endless - and always happy to talk xx

Gabba xxxx