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I Am One of the Lucky Ones PART 2


In the part two of a sequel more anticipated than the next royal baby,

I take myself from Tasmania to Melbourne for treatment. What will happen? Lets find out.

Basically Tasmania couldn't treat my cancer because it was meant for older people and there was only one doctor who specialized in AML. So my Mum and I, leaving my Dad, accompanied by my Grandma who came to help Dad with my siblings, Jayd, aged 9 and Alice aged 1, adventured off in an airplane to the, apologies if you live in Melbourne, scariest place on earth to myself at that time. I started treatment, I also have to say from this point my memory is dissipated from the amount of drugs that I was on, what I do remember is being in a depressed state a few days after treatment started. This was because my brother, Jayd was turning 10 and I missed it. My mum bought me a game but I wanted Jayd to have it because honestly I thought I was already dead, it seemed like the best thing for him to remember me as. It is kind of funny I remember the name of the game but cannot remember my first lumber puncture or first treatment. It was Pokemon HeartGold by the way.

So treatment continued, I made friends and funnily enough had some pretty good memories. One of which was being on the longest fast whilst being pumped full of water and making a chocolate pizza. I didn't ever eat any of that.

About mid way of the treatment, I was in a state of absolute sadness. I didn't want to continue my treatment, oh the teenage angst. I was so rebellious. Jokes aside, I was actually really sad. I had given up, I just wanted to go home. So after a doctors appointment I went home for a week. I found a reason to push through and survive. My friends and family, it is safe to say without my best friends I would no longer be here. I literally owe them my life.

I had a few more chemotherapy sessions and hit remission, I made some great friends in hospital (my man JT and Linus to name a couple), my final treatment was on the 26th of September I believe Collingwood and St Kilda played in the grand final.

The ironic part of this blog is my real story starts after treatment.

It will have action, drama, love and passion. Not to mention a bunch of bad jokes. Also none of the former. It is going to be a story of piecing together the remains of my life and rebuilding. Its about being reborn. Its gonna be one hell of a ride and hopefully you'll stick around.

Also I will be blogging twice a week to catch up for this month until Christmas see you then guys!