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"I don't know how to live a different life" - E.W. 17


For this blog post, the inspiration came to me when I was talking to a young girl. She began telling stories about her life and one of the thing that resonate with me so much was when she said "I don't know how to live a different life"

Do you know how when you're telling your story, whether if it's a story about something you've struggled with or the many challenges you've had to over come thus far, the story of you own cancer battles or even the story of your parents or siblings cancer battles .... People often would ask "do you ever wish that your life could've been different?"

My general response would've been that I really believe that things happen for a reason (and I still do); I believe that there's many things in life that will challenge you as a person. I see it as an opportunity for you to grow and learn and build on yourself. So no I do not wish my life was any different ... Cause if it were different then I would've been a completely different person.

However what she said to me really struck me. I was in awe. Her response was so beatiful and it made me think about my own experiences in life.

I only know how to live my own life. MY OWN. Not a life that people thinks would be better for me. Not a life that the society wants us to live ... But to live my own life. Yes there's struggles and challenges that I've had to face but I wouldn't know what it is not to have gone through it. It is what it is and it did happen.

So to my the readers of this blog. Own your story. Live your life cause only you know how to live that life. Each person is unique and each person has their own stories and I truely believe that no stories is bigger than the other. We are writing our own grand narrative and own that. Own your struggles. Own your happiness. Own your stories cause only you know how to live that life.