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I'm One of the Lucky Ones


Hey my name is Josh, my full name is Joshua Marcus Boost and I am 17 years old.

People say that I'm lucky, this is mainly due to my survival of AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) and I'm obliged to say that I am. But I didn't feel lucky then, flash back to the year 2010 and I was a egotistic grade 7 trying to fit in to an all boys school. I had it all, friends, good grades and dare I say the looks. Well I had the looks until what I believed to be eczema on my face then my ego depleted. As the "eczema" grew on my face the more I got teased about it and the worse I felt.

My mother started to get worried, so we went to the local GP and the doctor there said that it was tonsillitis so I took anti bacterial pills for that. A few weeks passed, no change. Another doctor suggested that I have a blood test, at the time I detested blood and needles but I was forced to.

Later that day or possibly the next, I was outside playing basketball with my younger brother Jayden when Mum came outside, she was holding a phone in her left hand and she had been crying. To this day the image of this moment is ingrained in my head. She said that I needed go to hospital. Seeing my Mum like this I knew it wasn't good, so I started crying. No reason, maybe scared but I cried.

I was in a hospital bed, I was having a good time as a 12 year old. I spooked the nurse with what I thought was a classic prank, gasping whilst in the bathroom. I'd like to publicly apologize for that.  Back to my story, I remember that night my parents walked in with the doctor. Traumatizing moment number 2. Seeing my father cry after the doctor said that I had leukemia, my hero in many cases and my idol was in tears sobbing next to me with Mum. It was probably worse than the cancer itself.

To be concluded...