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In 5 years


GOOD AFTERNOON MY CANTEEN WARRIORS! Wherever you are in Australia (heck in the world even) I hope that you're having a splendid day.

On the 2nd of July I had like a 2 year "diagnosis canger-versary" which got me thinking and what inspires me to write this blog.

Two years ago on that day I was 17. I was in high school; studying like crazy for my HSC trials, socialising here and there, doing my "school leadery" duties while balancing having a part-time job and an 8 year old sister who hair questions you everything about life. Yep, being a teenager is not that easy

*coughs* MUM! *coughs*

I remember that during that time there was a heavy focus on life after high school. I remember being one of those people who would think 5 years in advance. I remember thinking that in 5 years I would be 22. I would completed my uni degree, be a primary school teacher and ya know teach kids and all that jazz, also work as a casual actor who advertises a variety of cleaning supplies that claims to be better than one another but does the exact same thing, move out of home, "own" an apartment, maybe have a dog or two and do a lot of travelling along the way.

Nowadays ... All I can think about in 5 years time is to be cancer free.

What I guess I've realised is that you can never really look into the future. You can't expect the future to be set in stone ... Cause that's just unrealistic. Sure you can hope and make goals and work your way to that future ... But nothing is permanent and we all know that more than most people. We know that the future hold many unexpected things; many struggles, many obstacles, many setbacks, many joy, many happiness, many achievements and accomplishments. Maybe there's no future even. We can only know what's going on now.

So my readers ... Don't waste any of the time you do have at this present cause you mate not be here to live your "in 5 years" life. The future is almost like a fog. The  more you keep walking, the clearer the image infront of you becomes. Live and cherish every moments. Appreciate the beauty that we do have in this world; all the people that have came in to your life till this present. I believe that everyone I cross paths with in life; some will leave me hurt and some will leave me with something special but all will leave me with something beyond that ... A lesson. All the moments taht you've created. The many friendships and relationships. All the good days and bad days. You can only experience what you're experiencing now and you can live the live that you're living now ... Not in 5 years time.

My name is Jessada and I don't know what's going to happen in 5 years but what I do know now is that I'm happy and I'm still growing and learning as a person.