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Invisible strings


Can you guys just give me credit for the title please ... Like c'mon it's like so deep, quite poetic yet borderline cheesy. #inspoetic

Oh F.Y.I this is my first time writing a blog so

1) English and grammar .... Out the window!

2) I get distracted very easily so yeah I'll be writing what's actually going on in the physical world while I'm in the middle of the blog

Well this blog is about invisible strings. I believe that each person on this earth, carries around strings that can connect us all to eachother. Humans. We are all so unique and different right; we all live different lives and we all have different stories and I truly believe that each human is unique and everyone is an individual ... But what surprises me about people is that ... No matter how unique or different we are .. We can all relate on a very basic level. We can relate through our feelings. Feelings are our invisible strings.

let me tell you a story. I was watching Marley and Me when it first came out in the cinemas (I know ... I don't care what opinion you may have but it's a wonderful film) but when Marley ... You know ... Yeah (I'm still recovering) I could not hold back the tears. I lost what I have left of my manliness. I notice that almost everyone in the cinema was in tears. We were all connected by an invisible string. Sadness. I did not know the girl who was sitting next to me or the guy who was sitting a row behind me but we were all attached by that one invisible string.

We know how it feels to be upset. We know how it feels to be happy. To be nervous. To be excited. To be angry... So on those basic human emotions ... We all can relate. Which makes me realise that I'm never truly alone in this world. Throughout my life, I've met with people with different experiences and had to face challenges that are so foreign to me but yet ... I was able to experience moments of joy... Moments of sadness. Moments of vulnerability or even moments of complete embarrassment. Within each of those moments we were all attached by invisible strings.

So to end this blog up I would hair like to say that within this world you can always find someone to relate.  No one will fully understands your feelings .... But you can always find someone who have felt that feeling. So ultimately you're never alone. There's always someone there who knows how it feels to be lonely. Or sad. Happy. Nervous. Scared. We are all attached by that invisible sting ... We can't see it ... But we can feel it.