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It Only Happens in Movies


Hello fellow earthlings! So I thought for this blog I want to share something with you guys that I've been thinking about a lot lately and also give you a little insight into my cancer journey. By the way I’m one of those people who writes what ever pops in my head so hopefully you can follow my train of thoughts) (And I’ll try to make it as entertaining as possible!)

SO … I’m on my break at the moment, Maccas Airport Sydney (if you ever wants to come for a visit), so there’s like LOTS of beeping and people running around everywhere like headless chooks *similes – I’m now a qualified writer ;)* … while I watch a friend devour this MEGA-Mac … quite funny actually.

I’ve decided to call this story “It Only Happens in Movies" because there’s something quite poetic about it but I think it actually highlights my personal experience with cancer …. you only see it happening in movies!

You know how sometimes when you turn on the T.V. and you see an ad for Home and Away and a character ends up drowning, gets trap in a car …. and drowning, get into a car accident, bombs (like legit …. bombs every episodes!), gun shots and …. cancer. We see cancer everywhere; in our newspapers, on the telly, in movies …. but you actually never expected to be so close to home.

My cancer journey started in 2014. I was 17, half way through year 12, studying for trials and getting my uni plans in place. Then things started to get icky. I was losing weight like no tomorrow, I lack the energy to talk and walk … something was clearly wrong. I remember the day I got diagnosed like it was yesterday (which doesn’t really say much cause I can barely recall what I did yesterday .. but it sounds poetic). I woke up, vomited everything I had left in my stomach and felt the lump on my stomach. I went to the GP. Some jabs to the body, needles going in, drawing blood out, urine samples and off I went to Emergency. It only happens in movies. Some more needles, tonnes of questions, more jabbing to the body and BOOM! (well not boom) I have cancer.

The doctor said I have lymphoma. She said “Its the good one to have … if I was you I would want that one”

It might sound weird but … my first reaction was … “Oh thank god!” right? what the hell was I thinking?! I kind of expected cancer but “good” cancer? Its not like its avocados that provides you with good fats … its cancer! It only happens in movies. By 10 pm I was admitted in the hospital.

I spent most of my days at the hospital for the next 8 months. Chemotherapy wasn’t what I expected to be. You know how in movies you see patients going in a tube-y thing and that’s it? Well now I know it’s nothing like that at all! I found my treatment … Quite sound. I mean I guess we all have to do what we got to do to survive. I still was able to attend my high school formal and graduation though which is awesome!

I guess what I want to say to anyone who’s reading this is that …. It doesn’t only happen in movies! Having cancer sucks but there’s not a lot you can do. You’ve got dealt a bad hand and it’s so unfair! But we all got to do what we have to do survive. Cancer is such a foreign word in a young person’s world and not a lot of people understand it but there are people out there who are trying to. Try to milk any little bit of happiness that you possibly can out of each day even though it seems hard at times. One of the thing I try to live by is; Evolve. Adapt. Survive.

You evolve mentally and physically to be able to cope with the changing environment or circumstance. If you evolve successfully you will be able to adapt to the situation. Once you adapted to it you will survive and thrive!

Throughout my treatment I’ve been denying my illness and think that I can be one of those people you see in movies. But my illness was real. I had cancer. It doesn’t only happen in movies.