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Life with cancer and music



Hey my names Summah my life with cancer started at the age of only 7 years old. One day before my Seventh Birthday the 2ndof July when I started getting older I found that music was very Therapudic. Tbh I don’t know what my life with cancer would be if this world didn’t have music listning to music and sometimes playing Music has helped me a lot in life. And the most importent people in my life my amazing family espessialy my mum I would like to say that my mums always right ive been waiting for myself to prove her wrong but shes always right this comes down to past relationships and friends I love her so much and without her I wouldn’t be alive people make mistakes and im the one that makes a lot of mistakes but mum is the one that helps me through thoughs mistakes. One day im onna travel the world and be a pastire chef and im gonna be married and have children but for now im gonna spend time with my siblings my dad and the rest of my family.