Mum’s 4 Year Journey


Hi! I’m Katherine! I just turned 12 and this is my first post! I love maths and anything crafty. I’m really interested in science to! When I was 8 my mum was diagnosed with a rare and inflammatory breast cancer. I was only 8 so, not everything made sense to me. I remember a week of so before Easter mum came home from the hospital crying. She announced her diagnosis and everyone started crying. I just stood there, dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to do, whether I was supposed to cry, or just stand there. After a group hug I ran to my room, then it started to make sense, I didn’t get it, but I understood it was a bad thing. So I started crying. I mean, a little overwhelming for an 8 year old.

A year later and after a series of chemotherapy and radiation (when I was 9), mum had a Mastectomy. It was actually planned for my birthday! But thankfully mum changed the date. Phew. When I went to visit her in hospital she was different. I kept on looking at the empty space on her chest, I couldn’t help it, I just did. There was a lot of problems that year. Things like the wound not closing, a lot of excess fluid giving mum pain. Ugh.

Then when I was 10 things started taking shape! Mum began to be herself again, she was happier, more energetic. We did things and everything was going great!

It all went down hill from then.

I was now 11, starting grade 5! Excited for a good class and great teacher. It was the first time my bestest ever friend was in my class since prep! I had a great first month or so of school, then suddenly one afternoon mum comes home crying worse than ever before. Terminal lung and liver cancer. Terminal=Forever. No cure. Last year was one of absolute disaster. Anyway, I was so scared. Thinking about losing her! It could happen. But I know it won’t, I’m keeping strong!

Mum was having this treatment, it wasn’t chemo, but it was like it. She found out the tumour on her liver was shrinking! It was all really good until (brace yourself) the treatment wasn’t working on her lung. The lung tumour kept growing and growing. Apparently it’s like a tree that is literally squashing her lung, literally. Now she is on what they call the Red chemo. The worst chemo you can get. And oh man, it really is the worst. She has to have 6 rounds of it then we will know if it is working or not. If not there is nothing they can do. It will work though!

But what angers me is the carelessness of people. They are always joking about cancer. One boy said “Sean has Cancer in his face!” In a stupid voice, and then he laughed. I went up to him and said “if you had it you wouldn’t be laughing” and put on the dirtiest look. Guess what he said, Meh. I have gone through 4 years of absolute rubbish and he doesn’t care. People really need to be educated about these things...

Thanks Everyone ;)