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My cancer journey


Hello everyone, I am Emily . I am 17 and from Whyalla, about 5 years ago my life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed. I was diagnosed with an Astrocytoma stage 2; the tumour is central in my brain and therefore inoperable. They did a biopsy and discovered it is slow growing and dormant however it can change from being dormant at any stage. The doctors also told us that the tumour is the size of a golf ball and if it were to go it be quite risky due to its location. I had 5-6 months of chemotherapy due to living regionally they only did a low strain. The chemo affected me more than it helped as it damaged my good cells more than my bad cells. A little while after chemo I was told that I have non-complex partial seizures, my neurosurgeon put me on medication and after a few months, the seizures stopped. Towards the end of December 2016, I started to show all the symptoms that I was showing when I first got sick which resulted in me getting rushed to Adelaide where I got a non-programable shunt. fortunately, after both surgeries, I was lucky to have a quick recovery. I now have MRI's every 3-6 months to ensure that the tumour does not change in size.