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The Many What Ifs


Firstly ... I don't know what I'm doing up at 5:30 am on a Saturday morning but I'm just going to roll with it.

In this blog post I'm going to be talking about the what ifs.

Remember how when you were younger .... You were so carefree, so innocent; you would climb trees without a second thought, run through the sprinklers without clothes on, put sand in your mouth just to see what it would taste like. We were thugs without even knowing it ! #IDidn'tChooseTheThugLife #ItChoseMe

And as we grow older our, brain and body become more mature. We start weighing up the pro and cons of each situations ... But what becomes more apparently too are our emotions. Our emotions can be so biased at times. With our growing maturity and emotions ... We are face with the many "what ifs"

"What if I do this thing that I love and no one likes me." "What if I'm the only one who does it and no one else does it too."

"what if my cancer came back ...." "What if mum's chemo didn't work...."

Do you ever recognise how sometimes our emotions can lead us to think about the negatives and sometimes that's all you could think of. How about I show you different what ifs.

"What if I do this thing that I'm passionate about and people who are passionate too will love it!"

"What if my cancer didn't come back"

"What if mum's chemo works well and she's now in remission"

In life we are face with the many different what ifs. Our minds are so great at weighing up stuff and letting our emotions influence our actions; its imbedded in our DNA, it's our survival instinct to suddenly see all the dangers and to notice all the potential hazards that could hurt us physically or psychologically. But we will never know until we give it a solid go. We will never know until we try.

Yes what if it turns out to be bad but what if it turns out to be the best thing ever. We all try to predict the future events of our own life but I'm a strong believer that you decide your own life. You decide your own future and you create your own destiny.

So my readers ... Feel the rain on your skin. No one else can feel it for you. Only you could let it in. No one else. No one else can speak the words on your lips. Drench yourself in words unspoken. Live your life with arms wide open. Today is where your book begins

The rest is still unwritten.

#GoodOldEarlies2000sFlashbacks #Unwritten-NatashaBedingfield