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The Power of One Voice


   Good Afternoon my CanTeen Warriors. Hope that you all have had an amazing Christmas! Some may of spent the day with family and friends, relaxing somewhere foreign with sunshine and coconuts (jealous as) and some like me had to work on Christmas day but we are gonna be ballin so .... SozNotSoz.

   Coming to the end of the year I'm now reflecting on a lot of things about myself and my life up till this point and one of the concept that I've reflected on recently is the power of our voices and I believe that it would be appropriate for my CanTeen peers and something to think about before heading into 2017.

   You know... it still amazes me how much things has changed within the space of 365 days. In fact, things can change within minutes and even seconds! its crazy how in a world full of billions of people you're sharing moments with a few chosen ones and that's just so magical and I will forever cherish all the moments I've shared with everyone thus far. Having shared so many great memories with most of you at CanTeen, I've learnt something about myself. The power of my voice.

   I've reflected on the many influential voices, both bad and good, within our society today and I've realised that they're influential because they believe in their voice. They believe in themselves and they relay what is true to them in hope of creating changes within the world that they live in. Martin Luther King belived in his Dream and used that believe to advocate for himself and people that also believe in his dream. With this believe and the truth in his word he was able to use his voice and be that voice of change.

   This thought had made me reflect on the many influential voices within the CanTeen community. The many young individuals who have used their voice in order to spread love and understanding. Those who have used their voice to reach out for help and also reach out cause they need help. We can only tell what is real for us and what is true to us and once we have this understanding we can fully utilise the power of our voice.

   We are in a community full of love and support and understanding and compassion. We are collectively individuals who come from different walk of life and have experienced things that many people in our youths have not experienced. We are able to share a space and hold a space of security, closure, connectiveness and understanding.

   So to my CanTeen family. You've made me learnt that one voice and really create a change. I encourage you guys to go in to this New Year with that powerful voice of you and create the change that you want to see. belive in your voice and your story. own your struggles and successes cause no one else will truly know how it feels. Good luck and in the words of John Farnham "your the voice try and understand it, make a noise and make it clear" (I'm hard core belting that btw)

   Happy New Year and excited to see what waits for all of us in the future !