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what life is like after cancer for me


when i was finished treatment i was thrilled i thought i could get straight back into life but i was wrong my all my doctors including my oncologist all told me i might get sick after treatment but what they don't prepare you for is all the after effects after chemo therapy lets back track though about a month after i finished treatment i was like yeah i am felling good you know i am not felling sick this is great next day i go to school i am about half way through the day and my stomach starts to get really sore and so i tell my science teacher and she tells me to go to sick bay and by the time i get to sick bay i am balling my eyes out in pain so my mum picks me up and she don't really no what is going on so she takes me to a local hospital and i am in there for a few hours and they said we really need to do surgery tonight because she has  appendicitis and there about to burst so they took me by ambulance to my hospital in the city and i have surgery the very next day but that's bit of my story but i am going to keep writing about my journey because it helps me feel like i can talk to people about what i have been through and i will not get judged for it thanks for reading this