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Will it happen to me?


Hey family,

Those of you who have had a family member diagnosed with cancer, may have had this quite terrifying thought come to you. "Will it happen to me?" I know for a fact, that it has come to me in a number of situations, and honestly- it really, really scares me.

When I have an awkward lump under my skin (like under my armpit, on my chest or on my neck) I start to panic, and the worst thoughts and feelings come to mind. I feel bad going to my mum (the one who has cancer in my family) and asking her to check it. She has gone through the real thing, and I feel really awful if she just says its a blind pimple or a cyst or something...

But also, what brings this thought on a lot - is the fact that my body is the exact same as my mums before she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had her surgeries and lost a lot of weight. Having the same waist size, height, clothing size and most importantly bust size. I get scared that having our bodies the exact same, it will somehow increase my chances of having it in the future.

But after a lot of sitting down with my mum, and talking about how I feel, she has really helped me a lot with thinking about this thought. As long as I constantly get the suggested check ups in the future and have checked anything I think to be abnormal - I will be in control of this.

Thank you all for reading, Stay groovy xx