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yo, this is my story i guess (germinoma, brain cancer)


for a while before any diagnosis was made, i had been struggling with symptoms such as extreme tiredness, sudden loss of sight, and disrupted sleep. i went to the doctors multiple times but nothing was very clear as the symptoms weren't being looked at together. It was halfway through november where i went to the optometrists, as i had lost the sight in the one of my eyes, but because my family thought i was only doing it to get glasses, i had to go do it myself after school. and boy i sure am glad that i did. that night, my mum and i had to go to the greenlane hospital and stay there until 10 doing eye tests and multiple other examinations. they knew something was wrong but had no clue what was causing it. we were sent home for the weekend, then had to go take an MRI a few days later. here, they discovered a tumour growing in my head, and admitted me into the starship hospital. since then I've had lumber punctures and more MRI's, until they concluded i had germinoma, a rare type of brain cancer. I am currently half way through my chemotherapy, and it has all been quite an adventure. I have wanted to join this for a while to share my experience and support others going through different or similar scenarios as i. there have been a few breakdowns through this process i assure you, and if any of you are doing the same as i, i would like to chat. βœŒπŸ»πŸ‘½