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Comfort Item go to
i was wondering if anyone else had a comfort item/object that got them through their tough times. this is my teddy ella from build a bear
what life is like after cancer for me
when i was finished treatment i was thrilled i thought i could get straight back into life but i was wrong my all my doctors including my oncologist all told me i might get sick after treatment but what they don't prepare you for is all the after effects...
End of a Chapter
Hi all, My name is Tristyn. I am 15 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in February this year (2018) A couple of days ago I completed all of my cancer treatment. I am happy that this chapter of my life has come to an end and...
Hello from the other side
Hello everyone! I have returned from my five month long hiatus (I suck I know). 2016 has been SUCH a year for me oh my gosh! I finished and technically graduated uni in June (didn't attend the ceremony though) so that's why I was M.I.A around that time,...
Life is at a crossroads
Hey all just having another moment in my life where I've had a bit of a realisation and have got some internal musings going on so I thought I would write them down :) So since not many of you on here actually know me I'll give you guys...
It Only Happens in Movies
Hello fellow earthlings! So I thought for this blog I want to share something with you guys that I've been thinking about a lot lately and also give you a little insight into my cancer journey. By the way I’m one of those people who writes what ever pops...
How I Got Through Cancer
My story is here: I was diagnosed at 17... told I had a 10, maybe 20% chance of living and when I relapsed... told I had less than that, if any. But I'm still here =] When I was told, I was devastated......
Cancer was supposed to change my life..
Hey so a little backstory (I plan to put up my whole story when the link for 'shared stories' comes back online) but I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in January 2014 and underwent the 6 months of chemo and have been in remission ever since. I kept...
I Am One of the Lucky Ones PART 2
In the part two of a sequel more anticipated than the next royal baby, I take myself from Tasmania to Melbourne for treatment. What will happen? Lets find out. Basically Tasmania couldn't treat my cancer because it was meant for older people and there...