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Coping with Cancer
This is an article I wrote for Bold Magazine at headspace Mildura about my experiences with canteen and how they have helped me through a really tough time in my life. I was encouraged to post it by one of the Canteen leaders I've been in touch with for...
My Dad's Agressive Cancer
This is my first time posting and I didn't think I would post anything when I first found out about my dads cancer in late November. But I have a very busy and stressful life and I've been trying to ignore what's happening with my dad because I don't...
Mum has cancer
So i just joined a today and after reading a few blogs i feel like i need to say something. Over a year ago Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and i remember feeling numb all over. I couldn't even cry i felt so shucked. We'd known that she...
Mum is unwell again
I haven't been on here for a while, but mum is unwell again. earlier this year she was diagnosed with breast cancer again. it's the third time, they considered her terminal. i didn't know how to cope. She's my everything and i can't lose her. i don't how...
Not sure if i'm doing this in the right place, just signed up by my mum has been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer this year and has been fighting it for nearly 3 months now. After a unsuccessful chemotherapy I'm a little broken as to the fact that my mum...
first time using
hi guys, mum has triple negative inflammatory breast cancer, she has had it for 3 months now, she is having chemo every 2 weeks but i don't get much time with her any more
First time taking
Okay this is my first time using this So I don’t really know how this works . I have not opened up to anyone about this my friends know but they don’t really ask me and sometimes I wonder if they even care. My mum has terminal cancer pancreatic,...
Coping....i miss the old you
I woke up one more and my pop was sitting at the kitchen table in pain. I asked if you were ok and you said you were fine. I don't miss the old you. I miss when we were able to talk to each other about everything. How do...
My Cancer Experience
Hey, I’m Olly & welcome to my blog. This is my cancer experience. I’ve been thinking for months about how to word it the way I felt most comfortable presenting it to others. Cancer has always affected my life in one way or another since I was very young...
hey everyone new to blogging
so i am new to canteen. my grandpa has cancer he is really close to our family. he lives with us. he recently had to give up golf and a lot of his outdoorsy activities as he became really sick about a month ago he lost his voice but...
Will it happen to me?
Hey family, Those of you who have had a family member diagnosed with cancer, may have had this quite terrifying thought come to you. "Will it happen to me?" I know for a fact, that it has come to me in a number of situations, and honestly- it really,...
"My Journey"
Hey Canteen Family:) This is my first blog hope you like it.... It's great to be here, to be representing the membership of canteen and to tell my story from the past four yearsEverything was great at the start of 2010. I was ready to get back to school...