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The best movie to watch on a 'sick day' is...
Hey Connect champions, just a short and sharp discussion starter today... What's your go-to 'sick-day' movie? You know, that one you watch over and over when you're unwell, tired, overwhelmed etc, and it makes you feel comfy? Maybe it's changed over teen...
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Share some music with me?
So life kinda sucks at the moment. But music has always helped me when I felt horrible, so I thought maybe we could share some favourite songs or artists? Gorillaz has always been a favourite band of mine, and I grew up on their album “demon days”. I’m...
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What is your pick for the new 2020 bandanna? Vote HERE!
Hey everyone - there are three finalists for the new 2020 Canteen Bandanna, check em out! We'd love the Connect community to have a say... please leave an emoji or GIF in the comments to indicate your vote! 🍣 - sushi 🐨 - koala 🐶 - puppy Cut and...
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Introduce yourself
Welcome to CanTeen Connect! No-one knows more about what dealing with cancer is like than someone who's been there and done it. So it'd be great if you could tell us a bit about you and your experiences...
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A lot of responsibilities
Hi there , My names Lottie and I’m 19, I’m very new to all of this and am seeking some advise. My Mum passed away coming up to 2 years in October from brain cancer , she was diagnosed in the March of 2018 and passed away in the...
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😈 Tassie Talk 📢
The Tas Team https://canteenconnect.org/meet-the-team (be sure to select Tas Team) would like to welcome you to the Canteen Connect Channel for all things Tassie! Where we can connect, have random conversations, share links to future virtual drop a...
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What GIF describes how you are feeling RIGHT NOW ?
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Crochet Conquerors - The Yarn & Yarn Project
For those who joined in for our first crochet session last Thursday. We soon discovered this was alot more challenging than first thought. BUT never one to shy away from a challenge. Our first goal is to make a square no matter how it may look. Share...
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My dad lost his battle to brain cancer when i was 10 years old.
My dad, an inspirational hero had stage 4 brain cancer. He was diagnosed in 2017 and passed in 2018, I will never forget those few months of my life, those months were the hardest months of my entire life. My mum and my 16 year old sister have been...
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My Dad
Hello, I'm not_darryl, and I have been very worried, sad and scared the past couple of weeks. I recently found out that my beloved Dad doesn't have much longer. The doctors and nurses have done everything they can to make him feel better but nothing has...
Dan CanTeen
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The last person who posts on this thread is the winner!
Just like the title says peeps, the last person to comment on this thread is the winner. Who can outlast all the rest?!
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Trying to find friends like me :)
Hey guys my name is Amber and I’m a bit new to canteen and I’m trying to find friends that have a brain tumour (I also have partial deafness). I am 15 year old and live in NSW, Australia. I like shopping, craft & diys, animals, watching movies and...
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Working/ Studying after treatment
Hey guys ! I'd love to hear what you've all been doing in regards to either going back to work or going back to study after treatment! Have any of you had a thought of changing your studies/job after treatment? I was unfortunately one of the many people...
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WA HUB (West is Best!)
Hey hey! This is THE spot for WA Canteeners ! Meet new WA folks, chat, share memes and laughs, give each other support and be general legends! We are all pretty darn physically isolated right now so this is the time to get some awesome connection online....
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Looking for some friends to chat with
Hey, I'm new on this. I find it hard to open up to my everyday friends. Missing day to day chats with nice and funny people!! Send me a message if you want to chat.
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If anyone’s up for some mad banter add us up. We can probably start a group chat or something
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Favourite quotes?
Hi everyone, Tell us all about your favourite quotes below! This includes lyrics, poems, sayings, verses, movie lines etc. This is one of mine:
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Favourite a league team
Do any of you watch a the a league soccer im a massive sydney fc fan my all time favourite player is the Englishman adam le fondre great player he is
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Pets and Wildlife!
Kia ora lovely Central New Zealand whānau! Today I'm missing my dog Alfie, who is back home with my parents in Dunedin, so I'm asking you all to post pics of your pets or some wildlife you might have seen around your house. Here are a couple of pics...
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Hi everyone, I thought I’d make a thread where we can share our bandanna collection. I haven’t got many yet, but here they are: (sorry if the picture is blurry) Share yours!