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Dilemma: To go back or to stay here
My mom was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year July when covid situation was pretty bad around the world. She is in my home country and I have been living in Australia for 7 years (for study and work), still waiting to get my Permanent Residency that I...
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challenging weekend
I had a bit of a difficult weekend....while My dad was recently diagnosed with melanoma, he’s been physically fine since his diagnosis. coz of that it was kinda easy 2 think that he was all ok and that he wasn’t rlly that sick. then, over the weekend he...
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Younger Canteen members
Hi Everyone my names Ella I am 12 turning 13 in October I would love to get to know some younger canteen members like me and some older ones two xxx ❤❤❤👍
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it hurts
i miss my mum. i only just turned 15, before she passed away. i hope she is proud of me. #cancersucks
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Waiting for results ..
I am usuall cool calm and collected, I always take the approch, what will be will be, this is what God has instal for me. last week I had a scan and am starting to feel anxious this time since its being 19 months since I was last dignosed....
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Favourite nrl team
Whos your favourite nrl team I support cronulla sharks unfortunately not doing good this year
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April 2021 Explore Camp WA
Hey, Don't know if this is already been made but hey wanted to see which of my friends from camp are on the app! :)
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My dad just diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer (which he was told on Tuesday was terminal). While others go through the process and eventually lose the battle (which is equally as devastating) we’ve been given a losing card from the very beginning....
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Looking for someone new to talk to
Hi guys, I'm looking to make new friends and my brother told me to try here. A few things to know about me: My name is Darci I am 16 years old I am in year 12 at school, I just started this term I lost my dad at...
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is it just me?
is it just me or does anyone else hate it when you’re meeting with people y out haven’t seen since yours or someone in your family’s diagnosis, and all they can seem to say is “I’m so sorry, are you okay”? just me?
Dan CanTeen
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The last person who posts on this thread is the winner!
Just like the title says peeps, the last person to comment on this thread is the winner. Who can outlast all the rest?!
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found out some good and bad news
the good news it that my dad is cancer free and the bad news it that I'm unable to come to an event I was looking forward to in the holidays
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Facebook support group for people aged 20+
Hey all. I realised late last year that as I am turning 26 this year I will have to transition from the support of CanTeen to something else. It became clear that quite few people were in this same position. While there are numerous other supports being...
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I'm super stressed about my dad's results as he had to go in to hospital last week and on top of that friends are treating me like I am a dog as someone said and then assements which year 9 is do hard when your trying to cope. Does...
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Connect Leadership Team - Visions for 2021
Hi everyone,  The CanTeen Connect Leadership team is back for 2021! We are so excited to bring you new projects and open up conversations on this wonderful online space.   For our first discussion of the year, some of the members thought it would be to a...
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hard time with friends
Today I had someone I don't like come up to me and said some really harsh things to me. With this happening at school it has affected my afternoon. Does anyone have any advice on coping with friends saying harsh things??
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Favourite quotes?
Hi everyone, Tell us all about your favourite quotes below! This includes lyrics, poems, sayings, verses, movie lines etc. This is one of mine:
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Feeling Left Out
Hi everyone! I’m just wanted to talk about feeling left out after my dad passed away. This will be kinda long so be prepared :) Ok here goes. When I came back from school after a long break (this was at my last year of primary school), everyone of...
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anyone else just exhausted from wearing the mask that your coping real well but your actually struggling heaps
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Why I’m here
hey everyone, my name is Leila. I’m 15 and from NSW. I am on this platform because recently my dad passed away from stage 4 bowel cancer. I have just come to say that I hope everyone is having a good day and if not we are all here to support you :)