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i lost my dad :(
hey all, i lost my dad to brain cancer & skin cancer around 3 months ago and the pain isn’t going away:( feeling very alone
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dealing with the loss of my mum
hey all! I was wondering if anyone is up for chats or has any advice! I lost my mum 2 months ago and the pain and hurt isn’t getting easier :(
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Introduce yourself
Welcome to CanTeen Connect! No-one knows more about what dealing with cancer is like than someone who's been there and done it. So it'd be great if you could tell us a bit about you and your experiences...
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Just a fun video!
Sort of unrelated to anything cancer, but related to COVID19 - I made a fun video a few days ago and thought some people here would enjoy a laugh ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrznOwJdHYI&t=3s
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Medical Anxiety
I always grew up thinking that our bodies would tell us when there is something seriously wrong. With breast cancer you can find a physical lump, with a stoke you get numbness on your left side etc. by default, I assumed that you would know you have When...
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so today I actually went back to my local Christian youth group and this week we were to share a worship song. my song was coming up and a rush of anxiety came over me, suddenly I just, I don’t kmow couldn’t breathe. when I lost my dad it...
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Thoughts on clinical trials
I'm interested in knowing other people's thoughts and experiences with clinical trials. My dad was diagnosed last year with stage IV lung cancer. Ultimately it is incurable (terminal) but he has been on targeted therapy. This treatment has been working...
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New to Canteen? Start here!
So, you've joined up on Canteen Connect and you might be wondering - Now What? If this is your first time here, chances are you don't know what Canteen offers yet. ONLINE SPACE - This is where you can read through other people’s cancer experiences and...
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Today is my late father's birthday
1 year ago today I had no idea what would come next as I booked you in for your GP appointment. Your headaches where getting bad so we didn't celebrate the way we should have I promised you that next year it'll be better, I knew what I wanted...
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Hey Everyone! Over here at ACT/SNSW we've come up with a pretty snazzy idea, but we need your help! Imagine you are a new member again, a little bit nervous and not knowing what to expect as I think the majority of us were. Now imagine you receive a...
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Trying to find friends like me :)
Hey guys my name is Amber and I’m a bit new to canteen and I’m trying to find friends that have a brain tumour (I also have partial deafness). I am 15 year old and live in NSW, Australia. I like shopping, craft & diys, animals, watching movies and...
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Exam while in hospital
I've found myself in a really unfortunate position with my uni degree. A few days after my surgery next month I'm set to sit an online take home essay exam. Thankfully its 1. online 2. take home which means its open for 48hrs. But I am really unsure how...
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friends just giving up on you.
today, I’ve randomly lost three of my best friends. they blocked me on all social media’s. breaks my heart because I only really had three close and well friends in general. absolutely no explanations. but I’m so upset, anyone else have this issue?
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Managing Emotions
Ever since mum was diagnosed about two months ago it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Lately I have felt really fatigued and lathargic.. the effort required to complete tasks has been so much higher. My level of patience has also significantly and I...
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The Annoying Ones
Hi there. Hope you are all having a good day. My day wasn’t that great. By the title you can probably guess what this will be about. Today I was feeling sad about the death of my dad and these two people in my grade started saying that I...
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if anyone needs to chat or some support I am here!!
open to chats if someone feels lonely or needs to talk to someone!!
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how does this app work? someone message me?
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Scared of relapse
Yesterday I had the fright of my life. I tested positive of a chromosome that would eventually mutate into leukaemia. Luckily I do not have cancer after having another test and I have medication I can go on to stop the chromosome. But yesterday was awful...
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hi everyone I'm very stressed at the moment and I am struggling with my emotions. Does anyone have any tips and tricks
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how to deal with death of a loved one?
can I hear past experiences? my mom has just passed away and I’m just super lost