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So we all know how much CanTeen members love their music, and how many of us are musically gifted, so I wanted to use this space to jot down any lyrics to songs that speak to you, or remind you of parts of your cancer journey. No genre, or...
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Passing Time
What do you all do to make time go quicker? I’m getting pretty bored at home and don’t exaclty have the energy to do much but don’t exaclty wanna just be laying in bed. Any ideas?
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moving on
lost my dad to bowel cancer 1yr ago, my parents been together 48 yrs, my mum now has a new partner who has been a family friend for 20+ yrs who he also just lost his wife. I’m struggling to comprehend how my mum can move on this quickly,...
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BRCA Gene Positive
My mum has recently finished chemo and radiation to treat a metaplastic triple negative cancer (a very rare cancer) which was found in her breasts. It's hit her pretty hard and now is scheduled to have a hysterectomy in January 2022 and mastectomy in my...
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advice for coping with lost loved ones?
my Nanny died a few years back and just talking about it is a major trigger for me. it was really hard on my entire family but it seems as im the only one who is still struggling. my family kept her illness a secret from me until the...
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Not sure what to do.
my dad was diagnosed with Liver Cancer this year and in June I flew to Sydney with him for treatment. Dad is an alcoholic and had decided to make some different life choices after chemotherapy. Since then he has started to fall back into old patterns and...
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trying not to care
so basically my dad has had a brain tumour for ages, since he was about 19. he’s had multiple surgeries in attempts to remove the tumour, some removing his senses like smell as well as sight out of his right eye and another removing his ability to hear...
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change in prognosis
it's been really hard lately. my mum has been told she only has a couple weeks left and is being made comfortable. it wasn't supposed to be this quick but her cancer is so aggressive.
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What do I do now?
hi guys I’m 25 and was diagnosed with NHL this past May, after 4 months of intense inpatient chemo I finally finished my treatments and I’m in remission living life normally again. except for the fact that I have no hair, body image issues and I can’t...
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a few weeks ago my dad had to go back into hospital because of stomach cramps, he was in there for about 3-4 days and we later found out that the cancer had spread even more and came back more aggressively then ever. The hospital said that they can’t...
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Does anyone have any products or things to recommended for peeling skin and hands and feet from chemo treatment?
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Pets that support us - post about your furry friend(s)! [PHOTOS now uploading!]
Hey all! I'm Cara, one of the staff from the Online crew... I'm new around here :) I've been having a look at the awesome chats on Canteen Connect and noticing that heaps of you mention your love of animals. Aaaand it got me thinking - pets can be...
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Dads cancer
my dad goes into hospital for a procedure on Thursday and I am worried about him and then on top of that I am worried about his results and just not knowing. if anyone has an experience like that please let me know just so I don't feel like...
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Hard to Watch
It’s so hard seeing my Dad go through Radiation and Chemo…and seeing my once full of life dad who loves food be tired all the time and now unable to eat solid food (Mouth Cancer). it’s also so hard having him 4 hours away from home for treatment 5...
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“I’m sorry”
I absolutely hate it when people apologise or say “I’m so sorry” when finding out about what my mum has been through. it makes me so angry and I hate that it does but I can’t help it. when we’re at some family gathering no one ever really acknowledges...
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dads cancer coming back and family fighting
now with my dads cancer coming back and now that he has started chemo our family has been fighting every day. does anyone have any advice
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My dad found out his cancer is back and he wants me to be normal but my dad wants me to be as possible but it's hard... I'm at a party rn but all I can think about is my dad... I had a good laugh earlier but then...
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Favourite vehicles
Hey guys, just a little discussion about everyone’s fav vehicles. 🚘🚍
Dan CanTeen
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The last person who posts on this thread is the winner!
Just like the title says peeps, the last person to comment on this thread is the winner. Who can outlast all the rest?!
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it's back
we found out that the cancer has spreaded to his lymphnodes in his bladder and he starts chemo on Wednesday and also Thursday.while 8 still with have to go to school on Wednesday and Thursday I am very nervous about him. does anyone have any advice with...