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What is your pick for the new 2020 bandanna? Vote HERE!
Hey everyone - there are three finalists for the new 2020 Canteen Bandanna, check em out! We'd love the Connect community to have a say... please leave an emoji or GIF in the comments to indicate your vote! 🍣 - sushi 🐨 - koala 🐶 - puppy Cut and...
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It's Okay to Not Be Okay!
Hey Everyone! This is a quick note just to introduce this as a start of a series of new blogs that the Victorian Leadership Team will be adding to throughout the year. We hope that these blogs can be something that you personally can really get into. The...
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Cancer and Tattoos... share your ink (or your inky plans)
Hey crew, Cara here from the Online team... happy Friday! So a lil while back in Newcastle NSW, we had an exhibition at one of our hospitals (organised by the Youth Cancer Service), showcasing some of the tattoos young people had done to signify their up...
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I'm new here and I need some help.
Hi I'm 14 and I'm going through a hard time with my dad. This year we found out that he has Bladder Cancer and he is doing chemo. He is a serious champion!!!!!! Does anyone have any advice, podcast suggestions and song suggestions.
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I wanted to start a thread on what everyones hobbies are and what hobbies you've picked up during lockdown and describe it in emoji or Gif and if you wanted add a little bit more about yourself how has this hobby helped you (Totally optional) I'll start:...
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2 months since you passed on, but your still around
I miss holding your hand, my ears ache to hear your voice while my arms itch to hug you. I miss you everyday and am always wondering where you are now. I hope somewhere nice, with a garden perhaps, having a cup of tea with your bee hives in...
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What GIF describes how you are feeling RIGHT NOW ?
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Introduce yourself
Welcome to CanTeen Connect! No-one knows more about what dealing with cancer is like than someone who's been there and done it. So it'd be great if you could tell us a bit about you and your experiences...
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Canteen Connect App
How cool is it that the Canteen Connect app is finally live?! As a leader I was a part of user testing and giving feedback on what we as young people would want, amazing to see it up and running 😊
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My Dad
Hello, I'm not_darryl, and I have been very worried, sad and scared the past couple of weeks. I recently found out that my beloved Dad doesn't have much longer. The doctors and nurses have done everything they can to make him feel better but nothing has...
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Favourite quotes?
Hi everyone, Tell us all about your favourite quotes below! This includes lyrics, poems, sayings, verses, movie lines etc. This is one of mine:
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I wish this website had an app!
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Hi everyone, the moment you've all been waiting for is here The Canteen Connect app is LIVE! Now you can access Connect on the go, wherever you are. Jump on and give it a try, and feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions. Whether you’re in or...
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Is this also an App?
Is there an app version of this
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Starting a Cancer Blog!!!
Hello!!! My name is Danielle Kardum and I am 20 years old and based in the wonderful Canberra ACT. I have been part of Canteen for nearly 2 years and it haves been such an amazing journey for myself and a great place to network with people who understand...
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The best movie to watch on a 'sick day' is...
Hey Connect champions, just a short and sharp discussion starter today... What's your go-to 'sick-day' movie? You know, that one you watch over and over when you're unwell, tired, overwhelmed etc, and it makes you feel comfy? Maybe it's changed over teen...
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Join us for Leadership Month this August! 🎉
Normally, we host a conference-style event for 100+ young leaders from around Australia. This year, because of the pandemic, we'll be celebrating Leadership Month for all of August. Not a youth leader? No worries! 👍🏼 We welcome everyone to join the at...
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Tell us what you think about Canteen Connect
Hi everyone 😊 Thank you for being a part of the Canteen Connect community. Finding out what you all think about our platform is really important to Canteen. It helps us make sure we’re offering the right types of support and to continue to make it for...
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dealing with bad news
i hate to make a sad post but I need to hear from people who may have once been in the situation. we have just received the news that my mum has been taken off her immunotherapy trial. we’ve been given one last option of tafinlar and mekinist combined....
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How do I deal with the funeral
His funeral is in a few days what are some ways to deal with the pain