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Shout out to our NZ North Hub!
Kia Ora Koutou! Aideen here, PSW in Auckland :) We want to do a big shout out to those from Auckland, North Land, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne in beautiful Aotearoa. Welcome to CanTeen Connect Whanau!! This is our new platform for connecting with...
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Introducing your Connect Leadership Team (CLT) for 2020! Individual sections of this post were written by some of the leaders in the CanTeen Connect Leadership team. (from @Wanda98-ConnectLeader ) CLT: What does it stand for? CLT stands for the Connect...
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Hunter and Northern Chat
HELLO CANTEENERS!!! Welcome to our H&N thread! My name is Chloe and I am the Programs Officer in the H&N team! For those of you I HAVE NOT been lucky enough to meet yet - it's lovely to meet you! For those of you who I HAVE been lucky...
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Central Island Hub
Kia Ora Koutou To everyone in Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North, Kapiti, Hutt Valley, Wellington and everyone outside and in between - we are here for you :)  Welcome to CanTeen Connect and our regions chat! This is will be our space to connect with...
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South Island Hub!!
Kia ora South Isalnder's of beautiful Aotearoa!! Viv here :) and welcome to CanTeen Connect!! This is going to be our new platform for connecting with each other over the next couple of months. On CanTeen Connect we are going to be having online events,...
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Vic Legends!
Hey hey Victorian young people! Welcome to the Vic legends chat, legends! My name is Amy and I am one of the Programs Officers in the Vic team. Nice to meet you! Whats up?! This is a thread for, well, all of the things! Chatting, hanging out, questions,...
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S&C Leadership introductions
Hey guys so this thread is going to introduce the S& C leadership team so everyone on canteen connect can get to know us :)
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How to handle
Hi all, my beautiful mum passed away 3 weeks ago from cancer, she fought so hard for so long. I’m struggling with coming to terms that she’s really gone, is anyone been/in a similar circumstance and would like to chat abort how you dealt with grief, for...
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😈 Tassie Talk 📢
The Tas Team https://canteenconnect.org/meet-the-team (be sure to select Tas Team) would like to welcome you to the Canteen Connect Channel for all things Tassie! Where we can connect, have random conversations, share links to future virtual drop a...
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Introduce yourself
Welcome to CanTeen Connect! No-one knows more about what dealing with cancer is like than someone who's been there and done it. So it'd be great if you could tell us a bit about you and your experiences...
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Stay at Home
So my dad can't get sick with him finishing cemo and with COVID-19, i have to stay home even though my school isn't shut down. I'm just wondering if anyone else is the same? I have been thinking about if other people are doing and going through the same!...
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Sibling member group
Cancer sucks! Its my brother that is physically dealing with it, but there’s still things around it that affect my life. I'm not going to make assumptions, but maybe its affecting you too. My brothers cancer changed my whole world and I don't think I’m...
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Covid-19 support
We all understand that right now is a tough time with the COVID situation. CanteenConnect is here to support you through this time, so us leaders have come up with an idea. To show support to our community, you could write a message on a post-it note, a...
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Contribute to a document on dealing with COVID + cancer
Dear Canteen community, We are living in difficult times with the COVID-19 virus. Our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits might be feeling all over the place. Your daily life might be very disrupted. We get it. Please know that Canteen is here to support –...
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Isolation Activities
Hey everyone, hope you're all well! These are some crazy, unprecdented times that we're living in right now. I have had to self-isolate due to my compromised immune system, and thought I'd share some ways I've been keeping myself busy, as I'm sure a lot...
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Favourite Recipes
Hey CanTeen-ers Following on from my previous discussion about isolation activities, I thought I'd start one where we can share our favourite recipes, so feel free to share links and photos below! My favourite for banana bread is this Donna Hay one I add...
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Cancer and Tattoos... share your ink (or your inky plans)
Hey crew, Cara here from the Online team... happy Friday! So a lil while back in Newcastle NSW, we had an exhibition at one of our hospitals (organised by the Youth Cancer Service), showcasing some of the tattoos young people had done to signify their up...
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Introducing myself!
Hi, my name is Megan, I am 18 and am currently going through treatment for Ewing's Sarcoma (bone cancer) located in my left fibula (calf area). I have jumped on here after Viv (support worker) recommended I 'give it a go'. I am terrible with the whole...
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Based on the government’s recommendation I now have to isolate to stay away from corona because of my medical history. That means I have to move out of my hostel and can’t go to uni. Gives me reminders of when I was in isolation for treatment. Does else...
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Hey guys ! Hope you are all doing well and making sure your looking after yourself extra careful during this scary time of covid 19. Today I would like to talk about Mucositis and how daunting it is for me coming up to my final round of chemo knowing...