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sometimes it all just sucks
does anyone else find the situation of loosing a parent just “sucks”. People ask me what it’s like to loose a parent and all I can respond with sometimes is “it sucks”. How are you supposed to explain such a thing to someone that doesn’t understand the...
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mum passing
dark it’s hard with my mum Passing away recently who would be up for a general chat ??
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feeling like a burden
hi, my names Hannah I’m 23 years old and I got diagnosed with a High Grade GBM In December 2020. I went through 6 weeks of daily radiation and chemotherapy. I was doing good every 3 months scans shown no problems, no tumour growth. I’ve been on tablets...
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Someone Talk?
I can't really talk to anyone I know because no one seems to understand and it's really hard for me because I want to talk about what I'm going through and I guess I just want someone to talk to?
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Introducing the Connect Team's Self-Care Videos!
Hey everyone, I’m here to introduce the Canteen Connect Team’s Self-Care videos. The Canteen Connect Team are a group of young leaders based online, from Australia and New Zealand. In 2021, our team worked together to create three Self-Care videos, based...
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Whats your dream job?
what’s your dream job?
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Loosing eyelash/eyebrows
What is your experience on loosing eyebrows and lashes? I personally have not lost any hair besides the hair that was on my head and a little bit over my body but not my eyelash or eyebrow hairs. I have completed 2 rounds of chemo moving onto the 3rd...
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Younger Teens
Hey my name is Isabella and I am 12 years old I am new here but I would love to get to know you all and hear about your cancer experiences. I want you to know if you need any support I am here for you. I would be...
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what do you do with your dead mum's stuff?
I live in ACT and my family in QLD. My mum passed away 5 weeks ago and I have only just now been able to come up and see everyone. They waited until I was here to pick her ashes up and when we gor home today, my dad...
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Pink Test - McGrath foundation
Hey everyone, we all know cancer sucks. Today is a special day for people who love their cricket and have had, or going threw breast cancer. To me it just meant to wear pink. Every time this test match is on. However now, its more than that. It mean...
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what to do on his birthday
My dad’s birthday is on Friday, I’m honestly not sure what to do. I’m already emotional just thinking about it as he only died in may of 2021 so this will be the first year he won’t be here on his birthday. Any suggestions on how to honour him?
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Coping with 'lasts' before passing
Hey guys, So today is my amazing mum who's battling stage 4 cancer's birthday, and it's brought up a lot of feelings and fear around thinking about "what if it's one of my last, or my last milestone/day with mum around?" So I was wondering if anyone had...
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How to cope
The holidays without my Dad have been pretty bad to be honest. Christmas without him sucked. My family was supposed to have family on my dads side come over but couldn’t because of stupid Covid. We were going to go see my dads grave but the weather made...
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Pets that support us - post about your furry friend(s)! [PHOTOS now uploading!]
Hey all! I'm Cara, one of the staff from the Online crew... I'm new around here :) I've been having a look at the awesome chats on Canteen Connect and noticing that heaps of you mention your love of animals. Aaaand it got me thinking - pets can be...
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How to make the most of time left
hi friends, my dad was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer a few months ago, he’s currently doing okay and is on his second round of chemo. I love him with all my heart and we’ve always been good mates but he was never super affectionate, we didn’t often...
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Looking for a grief counsellor
Hi! This is my first post, and I’m not sure if I’m doing this right, but I’ve just been feeling very overwhelmed and tired out of my mind. One moment I’m numb, one moment I’m sad, one moment I’m annoyed. I’ve learnt to deal with this, and it’s been...
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My dad's terminal cancer
My dad has terminal cancer and i find it so hard to see him struggle. There is a weird thing about me that I'm not ok, if the people around me and that I love are not ok. So when my dad is not well (which is a lot of...
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not the news I was hoping for
in November I found my 8 year old brother was diagnosed with mature B cell leukaemia (ALL). It was so scary and shocking on the family and treatment was really intense but we were trying so hard to be optimistic for my brother. we just got told from his...
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parent has cancer
gosh, um I don't know where to start, soo earlier this year my dad was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer in March of this year, it sad. nothing i never thought could ever happen. Doctors said this will be most likely his last Christmas with my mum,...
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When The Holiday Season is Tough
So… it’s the holiday season. Typically, this year might bring a lot of people joy, happiness, excitement, wonderful memories, and grateful spirit. But what if we just feel a whole lot of pressure to be happy when we're dealing with the many impacts of A...