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Friends and understanding
I love all my friends. and care for them incredibly. but it is very very lonely going on this journey. i am in high school at the moment so for me five days a week i see kids my age. none of them have cancer or a physical disability...
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Favourite YouTube channels?
Hi all, What YouTube channels (or types of videos) do you love for a laugh, a time to relax, learn something new, get distracted? Share below!
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How it Began
On December 23rd 2020 I was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkins Lymphoma. I can’t explain to you how it felt to know that I had cancer, not a friend, not someone I knew but me. Telling family and friends, hospital appointments, canulars 😟, blood tests,...
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the day before treatment
hi I'm Victoria, and I am one chemotherapy every Monday each week. and always on Sunday I get down in the dumps cause this anxiety rushes over me knowing I have chemotherapy tomorrow. I don't tell anyone about it cause no one in my world in person I...
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Survey On Cancer Symptom Management
Hi! Are you under 25 with a cancer diagnoses, or caring for someone who has had one? Or did you have a cancer diagnosis before you turned 25?  You are invited to participate in a survey study about the disease and treatment-related cancer symptoms young...
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Panic and anxiety attack tips
Hi everyone :) I’m Mel, and I’m new to CanTeen Connect so bear with me while I try to figure all of this out. If you have any tips and tricks with Canteen Connect digitally, please let me know! Ever since mum was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, my...
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does anyone have that feeling when u wanna cry but the tears just don’t come out. I seem to be having that feeling a lot recently
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Favourite Bands/Artists/Albums/Songs
Kind of what to start a music chat going and just thought tonight, I’ll love to see what is everybody favourite music to listen to at the moment is. Got any favourite bands/artists you have always considered as favourites to go back too? Got any albums...
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Missing him a little extra today.
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Emotional rollercoaster.
Last year sucked.. to put it politely.. this year there have been big improvements. Mum and grandma both got the all clear and are now in remission.. I know I should be happy that we have gotten good news and that things are settling.. but I am still...
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Gamer Chat
G'day Canteeners, Video Games can be a great escape and way to unwind from what's going on in the real world, so thought I'd start a thread for all things gaming chat. Feel free to post about everything gaming related; hype about games, memories of with...
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A Big Week
so this week I go back to hospital for a bine marrow aspirate to see what my first round of chemo has done. I also go up to AKL hospital to talk about a bone marrow transplant. My mind Is all over the place right now and I'm feeling...
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beginning of the end
my mum is nearing the end and even though i’ve known it’s been coming it doesn’t make it any easier. my heart is hurting and i’m super angry. i’m sick of ‘waiting’ to be hurt 😓💔
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I have never heard my neighbours play music before however tonight I can hear it chrystal clear and they’re playing Anchor Me by The Mutton Birds which was one of my Dads all time favourite songs and we also played it at his funeral. Today also just so...
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We're friends and we are 3,000km apart
Hey fellow Connectors, When Cancer comes into your life, it can be a lonely time. It's hard to talk about it with your closest friends; don't worry because Canteen connect can help.  Joining a discussion on Connect will take you one step closer to with a...
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hey all my name is Ingrid and i just wanted to put up a random chat about anything from school to hair and make up! you can shear your story or just comment which is just fine too! hope to hear from lots of people.
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It hurts 💔💔🕊🕊😭😭
My mum passed away from cancer 4 weeks ago this coming Monday and I’m only 12. It’s so hard and I miss her every day
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it hurts
i miss my mum. i only just turned 15, before she passed away. i hope she is proud of me. #cancersucks
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What GIF describes how you are feeling RIGHT NOW ?