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My mum was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer what should i expect?
Last year in November my mum was diagnosed with cervical cancer. we went through a lot of chemo, internal and external radiation. We've now been told that it is stage 3 and im not coping very well. In june we do more tests to find out where it has...
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Hi all, hope everyone is doing ok! I was wondering how everyone is managing with tiredness as a result of treatment? I'm currently finding concentration and staying awake quite hard, but how is everyone else doing? Is anyone else out there experiencing a...
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Going back to school
Hi everyone, just wondering if some of you could tell me how you settled back into school for the first time after finishing treatment. I start again tomorrow and just wondering if anyone had some useful advice. Thank you
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How has your faith helped during your cancer experience?
Hi Fam, My Christian Faith has been a massive thing that helped me during my cancer experience, particularly when I was diagnosed I remember feeling so shocked yet, extremely peaceful & hopeful, id love to hear, if you have faith how it has helped you......
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Introduce yourself
Welcome to CanTeen Connect! No-one knows more about what dealing with cancer is like than someone who's been there and done it. So it'd be great if you could tell us a bit about you and your experiences...
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Hoping to make friends
I started chemo on Christmas Eve and was taking chemo every week but now I take it every 3 weeks, I would have thought I would make friends that struggle with stuff like me but not one person has talked to me. I'm too shy to start conversations and...
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Hair regrowth after/during treatment - what's that like? (and event next Thurs 11th!)
Hi Connecters, Some young people in the community here have spoken about the huge challenges of losing their hair... equally, when it grows back, it can be tricky too. Maybe it's grown back differently? Or you're figuring out how to wear it while it Or...
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Weird times - What are the best bits!
Okay so obviously everything going on has got us cooped up inside possibly more than we can all handle. but for now at least there's not to much we can do about it. sooooooooo, i want to hear what all the great things are about being stuck at home....
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WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!What would you like to see in the NSW’s July drop in
Hi everyone my name is Thomas and I am one of 4 leaders and the others are @Keiran28 @Sarahv96 @jacintag1411 and we are on the leadership for hunter and northern division that have the pleasure of running the July drop in for NSW. So we want to know what...
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Daddy's Little Girl...
11th September 2015... The Emergency Room... Dad says with tears in his eyes.... "Hold my f\*\*\*ing hand would you?!" That's when it started... At this point, I just thought it was yet another trip up to the hospital to get the pain under control... How...
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Hey Everyone,  Thank you to everyone that joined @Cara-Canteen and I in the journaling digital drop in.  Have you ever wanted to try journaling? If you want to and missed out heres some tips we all had and things we tried and wanted to try.  It doesn’t...
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My story/ Trying to meet new people
Hi guys... I’m 17 an was diagnosed with AML a few months ago at the time I was givin 3 weeks to live. I’ve had 2 rounds of chemo and tablets because of my mutations and about to start my 3rd round. Just before I was diagnosed my nanna...
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Podcasts that have helped you through 🎧
I recently learnt about this podcast episode from Making Sense of Chaos featuring the founder of Cancer Chicks Australia. Nikki shares her cancer experience, all the challenges, all the questions she had and why connecting with others was really for her....
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💫💥Sydney & Central NSW Squad💥💫
👋HEY! 👋You… yeah, YOU! Are you from Sydney or Central NSW…? Are you on Canteen Connect…? Are you reading this right now…? Then you are in just the right place because this is THE PLACE TO BE for all things S&C Canteen and let me tell you, it’s great...
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Sydney and Central Olympics Monthly Drop-in 🥇
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Headache from tumour
I'm just curious if anyone has a tumour or tumours in their head did you feel it or do you get headaches? To the people who have tumours in other parts of their body how did you find out you had it? I found out because I was getting...
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🎶 Hilltop Hoods - register to see the exclusive video!
Thanks to Side of Stage Backstage, we’re giving young people impacted by cancer exclusive access to this online Q&A. Head over to Side of Stage and register by Monday, 1st of June to get access to the video of Hilltop Hoods answering your questions!
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A show I'd recommend
Hi, I recently finished a show called Your Lie in April. It has now become one of my all time favourite shows. The show has a really relatable topics for a lot of people on here I'm sure. It's a very bitter sweet show but it lighten up my...
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What GIF describes how you are feeling RIGHT NOW ?
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Meeting new people and your cancer story ❤️
Hi Guys! Hope you're all keeping safe during this time. Lately I've been struggling getting to know new people and feeling like I have to repress myself from talking about my dad because he's passed on. On one hand I don't want to talk about it because I...