Books to get through grief


Hi everyone,

Grief can be a really messy, confusing thing to go through, and doesn’t only come after a death. Grief can look different in different people, and can transform over time. Many of us don’t know what grief looks like until it forces its way into our life.

I wonder if anyone has used books as a way to help get through grief. Did you read anything that explained how grief worked, or maybe a novel where a character was going through their own grief journey?

I would love to hear if there are any amazing books out there that got you through! And for anyone out there struggling with grief at the moment, there might be a perfect recommendation just for you 😊

I’ll start off the list with a non-fiction book called “Coping with grief” by Mal and Dianne McKissock. It talks about how you might be feeling if you’re experiencing grief, and the ways that your life might be changing.

Now it’s your turn – Go!


PSW – Sydney