Braggers Rights - A place for sharing any and all achievements after treatment.


Hey guys

My name is Casey and welcome to Braggers Rights, feel free to share everything youve achieved after cancer, especially if its something you were previously told you wouldnt be able to do.

I am just beginning my 5th year of remission, during treatment i was told i shouldnt ride horses after hospital and i was devastated, it was a big part of my life to the point that i didnt know what i would do if i couldnt ride, this was amongst the fact that riding brought me out of what had been some dark years of my life.

fast-forward to now and i have a full time job at a racing stable, just started riding trackwork and have plans to eventually ride in a show jumping team, or at least work in that area of equine.

i can happily say that ive exceeded my own expectations of what im capable of.