Changes to Canteen Connect!


Your feedback means that Canteen Connect keeps evolving! Some of the changes you’ve been asking for are due to go live on Monday 1 Feb, including:

1.Revamped events section where you can:

  • See information about event attendees and event hosts/organisers for most events
  • Contribute to discussion threads built into each event 
  • Add pictures from the event to the event page 
  • See upcoming and past events 

2.The default setting for new discussions will now be private so they’re only visible to the Canteen Connect community unless you choose otherwise. If you want to change the settings on an old discussion, you can (and you could before too).

3.A customised landing page for our friends from Aotearoa / New Zealand – this means that rangatahi / young people visiting Canteen Connect from Aotearoa will see NZ-specific imagery, wording and branding.

A couple of things to note:

• The changes are due to go live on the website version of Canteen Connect first – the changes will then be applied to the app in the next couple of weeks.

• If you come across anything that doesn’t work as you expect it to, please let us know. Send an email to and we’ll get our technical gurus on to it right away!

Some of the things we’re working on next include improvements to blogs and direct messaging as well as a new section for groups. If you have any ideas or are keen to be involved, let us know by commenting or email