chatting about my experiaance


hey im summah

i was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 7 at that age i didnt realy understand

what cancer was. but now i do i started treatment in my early years of life but then had to stop because i was getting realy sick the docters dont no why but i think it was just my confusing body (like always) so a few years went bye and i was doing amazing but then 2018 (around november) all the symptoms came back again the ones that i had when i first go diagnosed then peter my oncoligist said i would have to go back on treatment for a year so here i am yep a year 11 student undergoing treatment. ill tell you one thing i stopped school for a little this year but im going back to school and im extremely exited tbh i never thought was gonna have to undergo treatment again in life but here i am on chemo again. which is the hardest thing in life but im getting there ive heard a saying someone would not give you this life if they didnt think you were strong enough so thats what i remind my self im a strong young lady and you too should think that too yourself

anyways thanks so much for reading my story and i hope i did well

p.s be strong and believe in yourself