Connecting with other young people


Hi there, sorry I'm really unfamiliar with the way this app works or how I should create posts. I'm finding my cancer treatment really difficult and I have not been able to connect with other young people. My friends are great but they don't understand and it's not their fault, I myself didn't know anything about cancer or chemo before I was diagnosed. I've taught them a lot about my treatment but I feel like they can never fully understand. I was diagnosed with lymphoma (DLBCL) stage 1-2 last December and I've had three rounds of RCHOP so far, my PET scan showed that treatment is working really well but I'm still really scared pretty much every single day. I still wonder why it happened to me or why it happens to anyone. I get really depressed when I have to go to chemo because I am always the only young person there. I feel like being 25 I am outside the age range for most youth cancer services and I feel a little bit lost. I go through all kinds of complex emotions while I'm processing this, for example feeling ashamed that I got cancer in the first place. I connect with people online to talk about this almost daily but they are all much older than myself. And unfortunately obviously support group meet ups in person are off the table at the moment, it's a very isolating time for everyone undergoing treatment right now. I guess I am just wondering if there are any young people out there who are feeling the same way right now?