Dad has Small Cell Lung Cancer


Only just got on this , just thought i'd share my experience so far

So over a year ago my dad got diagnosed with stage 4 Terminal Small cell lung cancer , since then he has received Radiation , Immunotherapy & Chemo

We had ups and down , the cancer spread to his brain , then all of the cancer disappeared from his neck down , then they focused on his brain , then after a MRI they found the cancer had spread back to his lung , brain & spine

Just before he found out he had cancer , my grandpa ( his dad ) passed away very unexpectedly , then he started fainting all the time , then he had to get a pacemaker put in to make sure his heart rate didn't drop too far.

Back upto speed , he now is losing his voice & losing his balance , he has had palatine care come visit once & they are coming again , i'm only just turned 17 and have a 4 month old daughter , i want him to be here for all of my family milestones but it seems like everything is happening to fast.

Thanks for reading :)