Facebook support group for people aged 20+


Hey all. I realised late last year that as I am turning 26 this year I will have to transition from the support of CanTeen to something else. It became clear that quite few people were in this same position. While there are numerous other supports available, being able to connect with others who understand the rollercoaster ride known as cancer is a really big comfort and support. Because of this @Aj-connectLeader and I have created a Facebook group to try and help those of us in this situation. If you are aged 20+ and would like yo join the group on Facebook search for "cancer support group" and hopefully it pops up. This is very very new so it will take some time to get it fully up and running however we are hoping it will be a supportive environment to chat, share experiences and advice between people who understand how hard it can be living with cancer impeding on your life in whatever form. This will not be run by counsellors or any professional input, it is simply peer to peer support however I know there is a lot of power in that (: Thanks! If you have any trouble just comment or message me!