Feeling Left Out


Hi everyone! I’m just wanted to talk about feeling left out after my dad passed away. This will be kinda long so be prepared :) Ok here goes. When I came back from school after a long break (this was at my last year of primary school), everyone of course was happy to see me and knew what I had been through. This made me feel better. So as the weeks went by I kinda started feeling left out. My group of friends would hang out near the hall and while they were all talking, I was just listening. I wanted to talk and be part of the conversations but I just couldn’t. The only time I got attention was when I would start crying cause I felt sad and that isn’t really the attention I want. I have another example as well!! I’m on this group chat with my friends in my water polo team. It’s good being on a chat with people I don’t see everyday a week like my friends that I see at high school. So on the chat everyone just talks about nonsense that I don’t and never feel a part of. This is also the same when we are talking before a game or at training. And in this case, I don’t even think many of them know about my dads death. I’m just left out and don’t always feel like I’m actually part of the team :( So yeah. That’s my story. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what do or anything like that. Thanks for spending your time reading my long discussion! :) btw the picture is not of me 🤣