How I Found Out I Had Cancer


Hi my name is Tehya I am 12 years old and I found out I had cancer because I was walking to my friends car when I tripped over a honkey nut, the next day mum took me to the GP because it hurt really badly when we walked in she looked at me and asked why I was so pale before we had said what was wrong. She told us that she wanted me to have a blood test (just a full blood count), around two days later she phoned mum and said that we need to go to Princess Margret Hospital (P.M.H) because my bloods came back weird. We got there on a public holiday so they couldn't do  anything until the Tuesday, on the Tuesday I had a lumba puncher and a bone marrow biopsy  about two hours after I got back me, my mum and my dad were told that I had Acute Lymphoma.