Friends and understanding


I love all my friends. and care for them incredibly. but it is very very lonely going on this journey. i am in high school at the moment so for me five days a week i see kids my age. none of them have cancer or a physical disability like me. i understand that we have platforms like canteen and many others. but 5 days a week seeing people that have no idea what your going through. honestly it can be exhausting. I do have people that I can reach out to by a text and many of you will know it's not the same. I am a social bubbly person so communication is something i hold onto very tight. I wish my friends could understand and see all the times I go through pain. but I also don't want them to see me go through pain. I want to be strong for my friends including my family and many others. I want to get threw this with a smile. I am also a person who cares alot for the people I love that's everyone haha. but sometimes honestly I feel like because my friends don't understand they will never fully love me. but that is for myself too I don't understand what my friends are going through. it's hard it's painful it's lonely. but I am very grateful for my friends and if you can relate please reach out to me through this post. I would be happy to chat :)