Getting Thru Father's Day 2019: join us in coping, remembering, connecting


Hey crew,

Cara here - I'm one of the online counsellors here at CanTeen. It's the week leading up to Father's Day - which can be So. So. Hard. when your Dad died from cancer (or a carer/family member/grandfather who was a father to you). Whether your loss was recent, or many years ago, the flood of advertising and events can feel grating, harsh, painful even.

Here at CanTeen we think it can be important to stay connected to your loved one after they have died (which is something you might not hear very often elsewhere). That means you might choose to talk to your Dad (maybe in your head, or maybe out loud); perhaps include your Dad in the way you organise special events (eg making a place for him at the table); continuing to do things he enjoyed, or you enjoyed together (like going to the footy, or cooking a particular meal); or even just living by the values you know were important to your Dad (eg fairness, working hard).

We wanted to give you a space here to come together as a group, and...

  • Share your memories of your Dad: What's his name? What did he enjoy? Favourite meal? A memory you treasure?
  • Best/Worst Dad-Joke he ever made ;)
  • What you're doing to remember and connect with Dad this Sunday.

Remember to look after yourself well (you might have some skills you've learnt from this experience, like going for walks, writing, playing music, breathing exercises). It's also important to find people around to support you wherever you can, even if you feel like doing the opposite (maybe other family? bff? partner? someone who knew Dad too?).

Our online team are available 10am-10pm on weekdays, and 11am-6pm on weekends (AEST) if you need someone to chat with too - just click the orange button to talk. Take care... and looking forward to reading your contributions below.

PS We also know relationships can often be complicated... and that includes with our Dads. We're here for you if things were a long-way from ideal with Dad, too.