Going back to school.


Hi, my name is Charlie and I've just come back from the superhero camp where everyone was talking about how hard school is in year 12, college etc. This got me thinking.

I'm currently in year 9 this year and I'm honestly not sure I can handle even that. Through processing my grief, coping, trying to have a social life and not getting into trouble and getting good grades.

So far I'm failing at pretty much all of them already like throughout year 8 I bottled up all my emotions which didn't help at all, don't have a whole lot of friends anymore and don't get invited to do stuff with people, I got suspended for running the school meme account which somehow makes me known as the "snitch" and didn't even get that decent grades to top it off.

I just kind of need some advice on how to handle all these emotions and study as I have terrible study skills. It's just so hard sometimes because without my mum I feel like there's things that I don't get to learn from her that no one will ever teach me. Even mediocre, pointless things like how to talk to girls and yeah. I feel like I'm writing a full on book right now but yeah it's just nice to get it all out in the open. Thanks. 😁