Hodgkin lymphoma


I don’t really vent or speak about my current journey but Someone had suggested canteen connect and I’ve realised it’ll probably help with the thoughts that are constantly bottled in my mind. So I decided I’d introduce myself and see how I go. My name is Brittney I’m 20 years old and I was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in July. I had minor symptoms of constant being drained and night sweats. I always assumed it was a symptom of my mental illness. I never looked into it or thought twice it was my “normal” kind of feeling. Randomly out of no where i noticed a lump on my neck and instantly I thought the worst. I didn’t want to believe the worst but it’s all I thought of regardless of everyone around me trying to reassure me that it’s most likely something minor. I was aware of Hodgkins Lymphoma and how it can appear. At 11 years old my older sister had Hodgkins Lymphoma and since that I expect the worst hers too started of as a lump on her neck. I remember exactly how I felt when I noticed the lump and exactly how I responded. I called my mum, I told my partner and I was told to wait it out everything’s going to be fine. I was working the next day but I still booked a doctors appointment which was just an hour before my shift had started. I remember my doctors feeling it and instantly wanting it checked out. I was sent for a ultrasound the same day. The lady doing the ultrasound was confused as to why I was sent for an ultrasound and not a biopsy and then it really kicked in that this could really be happening. The next morning my gp called asking to meet with me. I received referrals for X-rays, ultrasounds of my abdomen area and lungs , pet scan and a biopsy. All these lead to Hodgkin’s lymphoma but the needle biopsy wasn’t enough to show that. I was referred to my oncologist who sent me for another biopsy that still didn’t give the answers so then followed the removal of a lymph node.We got results and hoped to start treatment right away but first I needed a lung function test a ecg and other little scans and testing done. Everything moved so fast and due to the amount of appointments I had No choice but to leave work. I feel like I haven’t summarised this as well as I hoped but from then I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and started ABVD treatment. I’ve now had 4 treatments and just had a pet scan done to see how I responding it’s going well and today I found out it’s gone, I was relieved but my journey isn’t over. I’ve got another 8 treatments to go but this time I won’t be having bleomycin anymore and I’m so happy with that I just feel so down because when I got the news I instantly thought it was over but it’s not my treatment plan is the same just without the bleomycin and i won’t need radiation, I feel so horrible for not being happy with my results but chemo isn’t easy