How do you do it? How can you maintain a balanced lifestyle with school, needing a job, study and relationships, when you can hardly get up in the morning.

I lost my aunty last year to cancer, aswell as my step-grandfather to bone cancer and my nan to pancreatic cancer, and it has broken me. I lost my nan the person who meant the world to me, the person who was more of a mother to me than my own and ever since I just can't seem to do anything, I can't focus my mind is blury, I'm constantly confuse and I have no motivation to do anything.

Nan tested positive to a gene that increased the chance of breast and pancreatic cancer, mum tested positive to it aswell. Theres a chance I could have it too and it scares me.

My step dad is in a nursing home with brain cancer he doesn't have long left either, my parents are split and my mum has to keep paying for his care. How am I meant to manage being the adult in my family if I can barely keep track of where I am