How to cope with friendships drifting apart


Hey there, when I moved schools in year 7, like most people do, I had to say goodbye to a lot of my childhood besties. My old school is a Prep-year 12 school, like my current one, so most of those friends stayed at that school. I’m in year 9 now as a preface, so it’s been about 3 years. In year 7, I lost touch with a majority of those old school friends, and kept in touch with my close ring of friends. just a. side note - I’m 110% content and happy with my new school friends. When lockdown happened and mum was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (what a way to spend lockdown), those old school friendships really strengthened because they were also there for me when mum was first diagnosed in year 6. Now that lockdown is over and everyone’s getting back to their normal lives, it feels like those old school friendships are drifting apart and the conversations are either stopped or really strained and it feels like I’m putting in more effort than they are to keep the convo going but it’s not as smooth-flowing or organic as it used to be and I just feel like we’re both racking our brains with what to say. does anyone have any tips or advice on what to do? Either like should I bring it up and if so how, and also how to come to terms with accepting that friendships do kind of end or at least the staying in touch but does end at some point? like how did you guys cope with losing touch with old school friends?