How to talk to parents about their cancer


My Dad was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. At the time, we also found out that Mum had skin cancer but was not melanoma. My Dad got his cancer removed but then we were told that it developed into lymphoma. He's already 5 sessions of chemo down and about to start radiation soon as well as a bunch of other treatments he has to take. His medication sometimes makes him angry (not physical or anything just like frustrated) and I often find it hard to be around him. Whenever I bring this up with my mum, she just makes me feel guilty that he's going through cancer and I can tell she isn't coping very well. I recently told my mum that I'm seeing a school counsellor and so she became a little easier on me. However, she has started to become moody as well and I find it very difficult to talk to both of them about anything cancer related, which is understandable of course.

What is your advice for talking to parents about their cancer/Does anyone feel frustrated like they can't talk to their parents?