Hunter and Northern Chat


HELLO CANTEENERS!!! Welcome to our H&N thread!

My name is Chloe and I am the Programs Officer in the H&N team! For those of you I HAVE NOT been lucky enough to meet yet - it's lovely to meet you! For those of you who I HAVE been lucky enough to meet - it's lovely to meet you in the online world!

This is a thread for all things Canteen in the H&N region! Chat, tell stories, listen to stories, laugh, cry, ask questions, hang out, connect & have fun!! We want to make this a space for you to feel welcome and comfortable so let's chat and make that happen!

I would LOVE to get to know you all, soooo I invite you to share a picture, gif, meme, photo, quote, song, or ANYTHING that you think represents you in some way! It can be funny, serious, silly, sentimental... go wild!

I will go first.....

My name is Chloe, I am from Newcastle and this picture represents me... My favourite thing to do is to EAT a cheese platter at an outdoors picnic!

I am really missing be able to do this right now and being stuck inside!! Lucky we have each other in this online world without even having to leave our homes!

I really look forward to getting to know you all! Chat soon!!! ALSO Click the big 'FOLLOW' button over there (scroll up) >>>>> so you don't miss anything on this thread :)