i’m scared broski


i’m so terrified. my dad left and it’s just me and my mum. i’m only fourteen i try my best, but she’s so ill it’s hard staying strong for her. if i show her how scared and upset i am i know how she’ll react, the stress it’ll cause is deadly. i don’t want her to die but i know how close she is. she has stage 5 lung cancer and has been struggling for many years. i remember being about 10 and mum sitting me down outside and explaining to me that she wasn’t doing the best; my heart broke. but she got better she beat bowel cancer 2 years later in 2019 but a few years later was diagnosed with lung cancer, she’s been battling it since. every morning it hurts me so bad seeing how much pain she’s in. i just want to scream. she was starting to get better, but she recently got a couple scans and their was massive growth on a few. if she doesn’t make it i don’t know what i’ll do. i have some family but no one i’d particularly enjoy living with. i don’t want to be put in foster care either, i’m so scared man. i’m not asking for help i just needed to write this, to get it out of my system you know.