Is it better to tell the school?


My mum has been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma about a year ago. Since then many things have changed but one of the things that really bothers me are my grades. I am in year 10 by the way. They keep on falling even though I am trying hard to keep them up. I don't know whether I should tell the school about my mum's situation and how it is impacting me or whether I should keep it in the family and not create even more trouble for myself.

I am mostly afraid that if I do tell the school then, teachers will pity me or look at me differently. I also don't want to have regular sessions with councellors who will just ask me the typical "are you okay?" question.

If anyone has any experience in sharing (or not sharing) the cancer news with the school and the change that that has created please reply to this. In other words, if you have shared the news with the school did it have a positive or negative impact.

Thank you so much in advance. Because I really just don't know what desicion is better.