Is your TEAM in the FINALS? Tell us about it! (Happy September y'all!)


Shout outs to everyone who's in a footy/netball/quiddich etc team that's nearing finals time... or maybe it's your NRL/AFL/Super Netball/Tennis hero/Ashes team that you're barracking for.

We know that sport - either being a super fan, or getting on the field/court/pitch - can be really helpful for your wellbeing and getting through tough times. Sooooooo.... i wanna know... who's you team, how long you've supported/played... and any big games coming up!

PS I'm all about tennis. Serena Williams has been dynamite in the US Open! And in the summer season, I'm a huuuuuge Newcastle Jets (A-League Soccer) Fangirl. Love it when the stadium plays "Never Tear Us Apart" and we all clap in time!