Iso life


Hi guys, my name is Jacinta and I am a part of the local leadership team in Newcastle, NSW and I wanted to talk about isolation.

I know we have been in isolation for a while now and everyone’s lives have been changed one way or another.

Personally, I have been in a form of isolation before and that was when I was going through my cancer treatment. I’ve definitely enjoyed this isolation over the last because this time I get to be isolating at home rather than in a small hospital room and I get to hang out with my family all the time rather than just one parent for majority of the day. Another bonus is that I get to talk to my friends more this time round, than what I did last time.

Being in isolation hasn’t been the easiest as I’ve been missing my friends and family a lot and I know lots of young people are in the same boat as me, luckily life is starting to become more normal each and every day and we are getting closer to being able to see our friends and family.

Is anyone else find lockdown easier than their cancer experience or has it been harder? Have you been able to find positives about being in isolation?