Hey Everyone, 

Thank you to everyone that joined @Cara-Canteen and I in the journaling digital drop in. 

Have you ever wanted to try journaling? If you want to and missed out heres some tips we all had and things we tried and wanted to try. 

It doesn’t have to be super creative like some amazing you-tubers have created (Links below). It can be simple as; 

  • Basic bullet Journaling; what you want to achieve, moods, habits ect. 
  • Mood trackers 
  • Vision journal 
  • Writing your feelings out with a pen and paper
  • Rating the books you have read over your journey
  • Creating a memory jar for all the significant memories you have had over, days, months, years. 

The website below has many ideas of how to create your own jingling style, it could be one or more even all of them, that's up to you, let us know in the comments how you Journal and show us what kind of style you have. 

If you don’t that's ok, that what this is for if you choose you want to start journaling in. 

I only really started journaling in the middle of last year, along with journaling I mediate which has helped so much. You don’t have to listen to mediation music, you can listen to anything really, mine would be a bit of TAY TAY. 

If you have any tips you want to share please do as we can all learn from each other. 

YouTube video;

how to choose you journaling style;