Just bored and hoping everyone is having a good day


Hi there (I've just turned 21)

I am currently day 86 after my Bone Marrow transplant, things have gone mostly well so far, other than normal side effects - infections, fevers, mild ghvd (graft vs host disease), my central line was just pulled out etc, BMT was treatment for my leukeamia which I am currently in remission for, but high chance of relapse so BMT was needed.

I've been in hospital for almost 4 weeks atm, not uncommon for me but I have found myself so unbelievably bored. I'm sick of playing games, I've coloured more books than I can count, same with crosswords/activity books, I've read books, painted, I have my laptop but I can never find anything interesting to do so I thought I would try this for the first time. Any ideas for MacBook or laptop in general activities would be greatly appreciated!!!

Just wanted to chat with some people my age, get their experiences and how they're going at the moment, if you have been through similar treatment as me, would love to have a chat. Thanks guys!