Mental Health


Hey, Connect!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about hard times in life and mental health.

I think for me, mental health isn’t really something that I’ve ever really taken the time to think about, I’ve always just felt like it’s my responsibility to just ‘deal’ with the situation. Over the past couple of months my mental health has kinda gone down the drain, and to be completely honest with you all. I was so scared and ashamed to reach out for help and to get the support that I needed, but once I did I felt so much better. Sometimes you might just be feeling down or sad or maybe even scared. It’s important to have some strategies in place to make it a bit easier to get through the day and also to practice self-care, and once I started to have some self-care time, I felt so much more relaxed and refreshed.

Some things that help me are:

  • yoga/ meditation. Yoga with Andria is a great place to start!
  • Journaling - this is a great way to get everything out in paper
  • Exercise - walking, bike riding, running, etc
  • Cleaning your room - I know it may sound silly and not very fun but trust me it helps!
  • Having a hot bath
  • Skincare sesh - so relaxing, use your face masks, cleansers moisturizers, etc
  • Listening to music- this helps me so much, just getting into the music and focusing on the lyrics
  • doing your hair/makeup - this one is fantastic for the girls who love to have a bit of a beauty sesh!
  • Practicing deep breathing exercises - these help me so much, I use this method pretty much every day when I’m feeling stressed. Here’s the strategies card;

There’s also a count down card that I like to use when I’m stressed and feeling anxious, here it is:

it's important to always remember that its ok to not be ok, and there are always people out there to help and support you through these times.

I'm really curious to know what everyone else does to cope with these ''tough times'' so let me know down below your strategies.

keep smiling everyone!

Georgia :)