My Dad’s Cancer


hey everyone, recently i’ve been having a hard time coming to terms with my dad’s cancer. at the start of his illness he was weak but still fighting, he was in hospital hours away from me and was there for weeks. i only went and visited him once as i was trying to juggle school and work all at the same time. he was then stable enough to be released from the hospital and was ready to start his chemo, he was doing great! getting up and moving around, started smiling again. though one night he was in so much pain and was rushed to the hospital thankfully he was aloud to go home the next afternoon. though within the same 24 hours he was back in our local hospital and then airlifted back up to the hospital hours away. when he called me my heart sunk and i broke into tears, he said his cancer is coming back quite aggressively though he is still waiting for the test results to come back. christmas and his birthday was right around the corner and it was hard not spending it with him though we made a trip up to see him. it was so hard not to cry when i looked at him, it was so hard not to cave in and for everyone to see how weak i was. we had to leave because his pain started becoming unbearable too horrible for my brother and i too see, when we were leaving i started crying and to be honest i haven’t really stopped. thank you for giving me the time to express myself.