My mother was diagnosed with non Hodgkins lymphoma 4 weeks ago.


Hi everyone,

I'm finding this all very new my mother has been ill for two years and we didn't know it was cancer, everyone assumed menopause from the sweating loss of appetite and loss of weight. numerous time she had gone to the GP and had bloods taken but always sent back home. 5 weeks ago she had called an ambulance for the 3rd time in a month and they had finally admitted her into the RMH.

They kept her in there for two weeks while she was in excoriating pain and there wasn't much that they could do, she had two biopsies and then it was another week were me and my older sister and brother had to wait. I think it was the wait that had really really stressed us. Having to guess what it was or what it could of possibly been.

She was then admitted into Petter Maccallum cancer hospital and all i can say is that they're wonderful her chemotherapy started she had a bad reaction through the first round due to her having a infection in her bowels. but eventually that was sorted.

she was in there for about 3 weeks and i was there by her side everyday my mother is my world and i'm only 20 so this has all been overwhelming i live alone just with my mother and being alone through her diagnosis was a lot to deal with.

she's now back home from the hospital it's been three day's i broke down last night because of the pressure that's on me i haven't been to work for 4 weeks i don't have the motivation too. My family isn't supportive it's just me and her and we are both new to this. I just need support advice anything.